BlueCapture - software for your NOKIA mobile phone



 directly to your


 mobile phone















































What is this?


With BlueCapture and BluePIR you can make WORLDWIDE  surveillance instantly


  • No fuzzy or weird subscriptions to pay
  • You can get MMS-photo immediately sent to the mobile phone you carry
  • You can alert the police quickly if the MMS-photo shows something not supposed to happen
  • A thief has very little chance as his  photo has already been sent out


Other uses:

  • Put it in your mailbox to check if you got mail
  • Hide it in your kitchen to protect the chocolate-cake from the kids or someone who should be kept on a diet.
  • Put it in your car and be alerted if a theif breaks into it
  • Put it in your cellar to keep those crazy teenagers away from your beer and wine


What do I need? 



How to install BlueCapture after download?



Find and choose BlueCapture. DO NOT OPEN - choose "Options" instead.


Application access -> Communication -> Network access     -> Always allowed

Application access -> Communication -> Messaging          -> Always allowed

Application access -> Communication -> Connectivity       -> Always allowed


Application access -> Data access -> Multimedia recording -> Always allowed


How to TEST BlueCapture?


Settings -> Enter some message words ->

Choose "Every time" and "Info-message"-> Save ->

Choose "Test message"


Test SMS-message and MMS-Photo likewise (Use the phone number to the other mobile phone).


Finally, choose "Start BluePIR" to test if your mobile phone activates Bluetooth and Status changes to "Seaching.."


If it works, you are ready to use the real BluePIR :-)


Here is how it looks like when you Start BluePIR:..


Status = Searching -> Connecting -> BluePIR Online



Now you have WORLDWIDE surveillance :-)